This course shows the importance and benefits of a Condition-Based Maintenance (CBM) program. The benefits of such a program will be realized in greater equipment reliability and longetivity while at the same time enhancing budgetary cost containment goals.

Operations and Maintenance will make a sound maintenance and operating decisions based on actual equipment performance rather than relying on the old standard of Time-Based maintenance intervals or even less desirable circumstance or waiting for the equipment to fail in service.

Who should attend this course
• All Maintenance Professionals
• Maintenance Managers
• Maintenance Supervisors
• Lubrication Engineers and Technicians
• Facilities Managers
• Preventive Maintenance Group
• Predictive Maintenance and CBM Group
• Reliability Engineers and Managers
• Maintenance Schedulers and Planne

• Morning / Afternoon meals and Lunch
• World Class Maintenance Book 314 pages
• Exercises and quizzes on CBM
• Softcopy of CBM training materials in CD
• Selected articles on CBM
• Actual Case Studies on CBM
• Certificate of Attendance
• Free WCM book for the first 10 delegates

What to expect on this training

– Why doing Preventive Maintenance is limited and costly ?
– Understand when to use CBM and PdM Strategy
– Learn the basics about the most common type of CBM
– Learn why is Condition-Based Maintenance more cost effective than traditional Preventive Mtce ?
– What are the advantages and disadvantages on using CBM
– Why knowing the P-F curve in important in performing Condition-Based Maintenance
– How PdM/CBM can save you on maintenance costs


Module 1 : Why Preventive Maintenance is limited?
• Traditional belief by most maintenance people
• Infant mortality, random and age-related Failures
• Understanding the 6 types of failure pattern
• Understand when Predictive Maintenance is feasible
• Comparing Preventive vs Predictive Maintenance
Module 2 : Understanding the Concept of Condition-Based Maintenance
• Predictive Maintenance defined
• Understanding the P-F interval
• Determining potential failure for equipment
• CBM as a maintenance strategy
• Benefits of a CBM program in your plant
Module 3 : CBM through Oil Analysis
• Understanding how oil is being contaminated and its effects
• Does oil really wear out
• Ways to remove contamination in oil
• Understanding nominal and absolute filtration
• Efficiency and beta rating of filters
• Understanding the basics of oil analysis
• Different levels of oil analysis tests
• Level 1 of oil analysis test, checking oil for its health and cleanliness through particle counter
• What is the most important oil analysis instrument
• How a particle counter works understanding
ISO:4406:99 code
Module 4 : CBM through Thermography
• Understanding the different lights in the Electromagnetic Spectrum
• Basic Principles of heat transfer, conduction, convection and radiation
• Understanding the principles of infrared
• Application of infared thermography for non-industries
• Importance of Certification Levels
• Application of infared thermography for industries
Module 5 : CBM through Vibration Monitoring
• What is machine vibration
• Why monitor vibration and how to measure it
• Time waveform analysis
• Fast Fourier Transformation
• Mounting of Accelerometer and sensors
• Causes of rotating machinery failure such as
– Unbalance, Misalignment, looseness, soft foot and bearing faults
• Collecting and analyzing data on vibration
• Applications and benefits of vibration monitoring
Module 6 : CBM through Ultrasonic Monitoring
• Understanding the concept of sound
• Heterodyning, translating ultrasonic to the sonic range
• Application of Ultrasonic monitoring for industries
Module 7: How to Start a Condition-Based Maintenance Strategy in your plant
• Roadmap of activities on starting a CBM strategy in your industry
• Closing Remarks


Rolly, is a seasoned international reliability and maintenance consultant with 29 yrs of solid experience in the field. He had been invited in different countries and have conducted reliability and maintenance trainings in United Arab Emirates, China, India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Nigeria, Bangladesh, South Africa, Thailand and Botswana. His portfolio of maintenance trainings include Maintenance Management courses on TPM, Lubrication, Tribology, Condition-Based Maintenance, RCM, RCFA, Planned Maintenance, World Class Maintenance Management, The 12 Disciplines, Oil Contamination Control, Life Cycle Management, Maintenance Indices and KPI, Maintenance Management Strategies and much more. Rolly previously worked with Amkor Philippines, as a TPM Senior Engineer, an industry engaged in the manufacture of IC products and spearheaded their Planned Maintenance organization compose of maintenance managers and engineers. He was also responsible for the dramatic reduction of unplanned breakdowns in their TPM journey as well as RCM implementation on their Facilities AHU units and as well as their substation equipment. Rolly is currently working as an independent maintenance consultant and had released his second book on Maintenance – Roadmap to Reliability.

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Cost of this training
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2 Delegates: Php 38,000.00 + 12% VAT
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4 Delegates: Php 75.000.00 + 12% VAT
5 Delegates: Php 90,000.00 + 12% VAT
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Cancellation, Postponement Policy
• For delegates who will not complete the duration of the seminar and workshop, RSA Reliability and Maintenance Consultancy Firm will offer no refunds regarding this matter, certificates of attendance will only be provided to those delegates that will complete the two day training and workshop
• In the event that the seminar will be cancelled as a result of unforeseen events such as Acts of God or others uncontrolled reasons, RSA Reliability and Maintenance Consultancy Firm shall assume no liability whatsoever in the event this seminar and workshop be cancelled, postponed, move or rescheduled due to this fortuitous and unforeseen event.
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