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As stated above, GTO’s focus is on the lay responder community, considering the mass benefit of survival and current disaster scenarios in the country. Some of what GTO had already implemented include but not limited to:

Community-Based Disaster Risk Reduction and CPR Training Programs

The growing awareness on the importance of knowing specific life-saving skills such as CPR has been triggered by the fact that the Philippines is one of the world’s most disaster-prone countries. Strong earthquakes, massive flooding, super typhoons – these are real disasters and calamities that the people face every so often. Hence, an increasing demand for local disaster preparedness training as well as CPR-centric programs with the lay people in mind is witnessed recently. GTO’s community-focused CPR and Disaster training has been efficiently implemented for individuals including parents of school children, families and household personnel (Nannies/Drivers).

School-Based CPR and First Aid Training Program

GTO’s dedicated school programs and courses have been implemented and executed in several area institutions such as International School Manila and the The Beacon School here in Metro Manila.  Discussions with many other schools on curriculum based training that fulfills their specific requirements, while adhering to leading edge scientific and educational standards are ongoing.  In addition to developing and utilizing a defined School specific program, GTO also utilizes specific equipment made to enhance its ability to train large number of students WHILE adhering to important educational variables such as psychomotor skills emphasis.

Workplace Safety Training Program

GTO recognizes the value of wellness among corporate employees and as such has developed specific wellness programs that can supplement what the corporations already provide to their employees.  GTO implemented large-scale corporate-oriented workplace safety training that also includes CPR for local and multinational companies such as Chevron Holdings and Dizon Group of Companies.  This an important part of local preparedness as well as corporations house large gatherings of workers in concentrated areas, where an appropriately trained employee can make a big difference in the workplace as well as in the community during emergency events and disasters.  Not to mention the direct impact on their immediate family in case of such an event.

Healthcare Providers

While GTO’s primary focus is on the lay first responder, it also provides training to healthcare providers as and when requested. As they are a part of the “chain of survival”,  GTO contributes by providing advanced courses training for doctors, nurses, physical therapists as well including those from Philippine Geothermal Production Company, SPC Medical Center, Healthway Medical Clinic and Pilipinas 911 Ambulance Service Providers

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