SA Reliability and Maintenance Consultancy Firm has been around for 11 years and through these years we have developed more courses for our reliability and maintenance people in industries.  Here is a complete list of maintenance courses and services that can be done in-house in your plant.


RSA Courses on Total Productive Maintenance                        Code     Duration


1. Total Productive Maintenance                                                                    TPM        3 days

2. Planned Maintenance 4 Phases to Zero Unplanned Breakdown         PM4P      3 days

3. Understanding Autonomous Maintenance – Operators 7 Steps

to Empowerment                                                                                           AM7       3 days

4. Understanding Focused Improvement – Kobetsu Kaizen                         FI         1 day

5. Relationship between OEE and Equipment Losses                                 OEE       1 day

RSA Courses on Reliability and Maintenance Strategies

6. Lubrication Strategy – Understanding Tribology and the

Importance of Oil Contamination Control                                               LUB        2 days

7. Reliability-Centered Maintenance for Industries                                    RCM        3 days

8. Condition-Based Maintenance – Total Approach to Failure

Prediction and Analysis                                                                              CBM       2 days

9. Root Cause Failure Analysis – Understanding Equipment Failure          RCFA     3 days

10. Optimizing Equipment Reliability – Streamline RCM Approach            OER       3 days

11. Optimizing Preventive Maintenance Strategy                                           PMS      2 days

12. World Class Maintenance Management – The 12 Disciplines                WCM     3 days

13. Understanding MRO Spare Parts and Storeroom Management            MRO     3 days

14. Failure Mode and Effects Criticality Analysis (FMEA/FMECA)                 FMEA     1 day

15. Advance Maintenance Leadership in TPM, RCM, LUB and RCFA            AML      5 days

RSA Courses on Reliability and Maintenance Concepts

16. Meaningful Measures of Equipment Performance – Understanding

MTBF, MTTF, MTBA, MTTR, Failure Rate, OEE & Weibull Concept       MMEP      2 days

17. Basic Maintenance Concept – Understanding Reactive, Preventive

Predictive and Proactive Maintenance                                                     BMC        1 day

18. Understanding Proactive Maintenance                                                    PRO        1 day

19. Maintenance Best Practices on LUB and CBM                                       MBP1       2 days

20. Maintenance Best Practices in RCFA and RCM                                       MBP2       2 days

RSA Facilitation and Consultation Services Includes

– Facilitation and consultation on Total Productive Maintenance implementation

– Facilitation and consultation on Root Cause Failure Analysis

– Provide guidance on starting up a Predictive Maintenance strategy in the plant

– Facilitation and consultation on Reliability-Centered Maintenance

– Conduct initial assessment on maintenance Technical Training Needs Analysis

– Facilitation on Strategic Planning for maintenance and reliability professionals

– Provides initial assessment of plant’s maintenance structure and recommendations

– Consultation on setting-up an Oil Contamination Control in your plant

– Implementation of TPM Planned Maintenance Pillar

– Implementation of TPM Autonomous Maintenance Pillar

– Implementation of World Class Maintenance Management – The 12 Disciplines

– Maintenance Assessment to determine where your industry currently stands


RSA Reliability and Maintenance Consultancy Firm accepts in-house training services for industries in local and international overseas countries. Special arrangement can be offered for overseas countries on any of our maintenance courses selected.  Our training cost will depend upon the frequency of trainings to be conducted in your plant, or it could be arranged on a contract basis engagement.


The following are lists of trainings I offer to plants and industries with respect to reliability and maintenance courses.  My goal is to uplift the technical competence of the maintenance human resource of the industry to a level of world class excellence by capturing industries maintenance best practices. These courses provide an in depth details and wealth of information regarding maintenance best practices from the most basic to the most advanced strategies. These powerful reliability and maintenance courses have been proven by industries that the best way to reduce their maintenance cost is to improve the reliability of equipment.  With consistent focus on output and productivity and secondary to maintenance and reliability, the latter results to frequent failures, unscheduled costly repairs and unexpected downtime, inevitable high cost of maintenance that calls for the adoption of a more rigorous and more effective maintenance strategy that is truly world class.

Finally, it is also undisputed that among the challenges every maintenance manager faces is maximizing the equipment reliability through a traditional and often self-designed Preventive Maintenance system. This practice is the very reason why approach in   maintenance management seems to remain reactive rather than proactive. Truly, these   courses are designed for all maintenance engineers and professionals whose mandate is to optimize the equipment capacity and reliability at the lowest possible cost. It is in the foregoing light that we designed these courses that can be tailored fit and made available to be conducted in-house in your plant for a wider participation of your people.  Should you be interested in any of these courses, you may reach me through my website at or email me at

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